Why The Spine?

The spine is the body’s “switchboard.” Just as the trunk and branches of a tree transfer nutrients to the leaves, the spine transfers nerves and nerve impulses to all parts of the body.

The human body is the most intricate mechanism known in the world. It is a series of systems, each more complex than any system ever devised by man. And ALL THE SYSTEMS ARE RELATED TO THE SPINE. Your chiropractor is a specialist in their interrelationship.

Many people think in terms of today: “Today I developed a heart attack; today I developed a stomach ulcer; today my kidney stopped doing its job; today I developed a migraine; today I have tingling and numbness.” The chiropractor knows that it is possible that any of your present medical problems could have been caused by a long-forgotten fall or accident which may have caused nerves to be pinched. Even twisting and turning of the neck during birth can have far-reaching effects on your health.

When you have or wish to prevent a health problem or when you have a fall or other accident, your chiropractor may be able to restore normal function immediately by corrective manipulation of your spine.